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Why Use a Buyer’s Agent in Perth?

The property market can be a confusing place. 

This is especially true for first-time buyers and overseas investors, but even seasoned Perth property buyers have trouble following the ups, downs, twists and turns. Finding a home can quickly become a full-time job.

If this is striking a chord, then allow us to resolve your concerns by introducing the role of a property buyer’s agent.

Although still a relatively new concept in Perth, property buyer’s agents help buyers search for, secure and settle their next property.


What does a buyer’s agent do?

In Perth, property buyers agents like Multiply Property Group act as advocates for property buyers. They support prospective buyers and investors throughout the entire journey, saving time, money, and stress.

Buyer’s agents carry out many roles throughout the property investment journey:


Property investment strategies

Every property journey is unique. The right property buyer’s agent takes the time to understand the underlying reasons for buying or investing. 

They work with clients to develop a long-term strategy based on individual circumstances, budget and aspirations. Ultimately, they should empower the client to make the best decision with a long-term outlook.


Searching for property

Buyer’s agents are experts in the Perth property market. Their insight and access is the difference between buying a property and buying the perfect property.

  • Insight: Perth property buyer’s agents research alternative suburbs and present properties that optimise the investment strategy. 
  • Access: A reputable buyer’s agent often has a network that permits access to a property before it reaches the open market.

Working with a buyer’s agent gives homebuyers an edge in a competitive market, helping them secure the best property at the best price.


Negotiating with the seller’s agent

A seller’s agent, the counterpart to a buyer’s agent, has one goal: sell the property for the highest price in the shortest time. Unfortunately, that often results in buyers getting a raw deal, either paying too much or signing a contract with unfavourable terms. By negotiating on behalf of the buyer, a buyer’s agent can secure the lowest price and best terms, saving money at the time of sale and down the track.


5 ways a Perth buyer’s agent makes property investment easier

Working with a buyer’s agent takes the stress and frustration out of buying a property. 

And they don’t just support buyers during the sale. A buyer’s agent is more like a property investment mentor, sticking with you long-term to maximise the potential of your property portfolio.


1. Finding the best property

As we mentioned earlier, buyer’s agents often get access to real estate before it reaches the open market. At the same time, they’ll research listed properties to find the best fit for your strategy.

That can – and often does – mean they cast a wider net around your target suburbs. By applying their knowledge and experience, a buyer’s agent assesses the pros and cons of available properties to find the best fit for your investment strategy.

Buyer’s agents have no bias towards properties or realtors. They are acting on your behalf, with the singular goal of finding you the perfect property.


2. Saving money

Getting a good deal can mean saving tens of thousands of dollars, either in the short term (with a lower price) or long term (by investing in the right area or property).

Buyer’s agents can save you money in several ways:

  • Negotiating a lower price
  • Finding off-market properties
  • Researching suburbs with low prices and high potential
  • Negotiating better terms
  • Understanding the seller’s motivations

Property buyer’s agents can also introduce you to other real estate professionals in their network. Or, like Multiply Property Group, they may be part of a full-service buyer’s agency with expertise in property management, subdivisions and real estate sales


3. Saving time

If you have purchased a property in the past, you know how much time goes into research alone. The endless search to find property in Perth’s up-and-coming suburbs, weekends spent attending home opens and auctions, late nights scrolling through property listings.

A property buyer’s agent gives you back that time. They are highly skilled in researching and identifying target properties to present a shortlist of the best options.

But this isn’t your basic desktop research. Instead, buyer’s agents use their well-established networks and industry tools to access trends, suburb insights and off-market properties. 

They attend inspections, perform due diligence and scour to ensure you aren’t wasting weekends or sacrificing sleep to fulfil your property investment goals.


4. Navigating due diligence and legal complexities

Even seasoned property investors have a hard time untangling the complexities of purchasing a property. 

A buyer’s agent simplifies the process, applying their expertise to ensure you get the best deal.

  • Understanding the seller’s motivation: For example, if a seller wants to cash out quickly, we may seek a lower cash offer. Or, if they need time, we can negotiate settlement terms that make everyone comfortable. 
  • Due diligence: When making any significant investment, it’s essential to understand exactly what you’re buying. A property buyer’s agent assesses the property (and the sale terms) against your investment strategy to ensure there are no nasty surprises.

Once you decide on a shortlist of properties, it’s our job to work with the seller’s agent to match their motivations with your strategy and take the stress out of negotiating the sale.


5. Confidence in the deal

Working with a Perth property buyer’s agent gives both parties confidence.

For you, the buyer, it means having the confidence that:

  • You are getting the best possible deal
  • The property is well suited to your investment strategy
  • You have access to a broader range of properties

For sellers and seller’s agents, professional representation is a sign that you are serious and reliable. Especially for first home buyers, this confidence removes any risk of the seller getting cold feet or changing their minds and selling to another person.


Where to find the best property buyer’s agent in Perth

Working with a property buyers agency means investing your trust in their professionalism and abilities. After all, purchasing property isn’t something you do every day.

We understand the importance of a buyer’s agent relationship built on trust. If you are looking to take the next steps on your property journey, get in touch with the Perth buyer’s agents dedicated to maximising your investment returns, Multiply Property Group.

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