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Subdivision Experts in Perth

Subdividing your property is a complex process, and if you don’t know what you are doing it can easily go wrong. The smart choice is to get the advice of Subdivision Experts in Perth, who can help you make sure your property developments are profitable. Multiply Property Group has been established since 2006, and our team has coached clients through deals worth millions of dollars – so we are the best choice for advice on subdivisions in Perth. There are three main types of subdivisions that Multiply Property Group specialise in: Green Title, which is land that has no common areas or shared services, Built Strata, which are developments where the buildings themselves form the boundaries of each title. We also perform strata development surveys in order to determine if individual land parcels are possible on a piece of land. 

Tailored Subdivision Strategies

Our project managers will work closely with you, so they can understand what sort of subdivision project suits your needs, and how they can make it happen with your circumstances and budget. We tailor our subdivision strategies to each person’s financial aspirations and situation, in order to optimise the use of the property and maximise investment returns. Our Subdivision Experts in Perth know which subdivision strategies can successfully achieve the results you are looking for, and will carry out the process quickly and effectively.

Comprehensive Information Provided

Regardless of the subdivision project you are considering, it is important to begin the project with a clear understanding of the costs, required site works, time frame, and the likely returns. At Multiply Property Group, we take the time to carefully assess your property and consider all the variables and legislation which are likely to impact your project. Then we ensure you are fully briefed on all the necessary details concerning your Subdivisions in Perth, so that you are prepared for the process.

We Take Care Of The Entire Process

It can be challenging to navigate the array of subdivision regulations, planning authorities, and utility service providers on your own – especially if you do not have knowledge in this area. If your permit applications are submitted late, or do not contain the required information, then this can cause significant and costly delays to your project. At Multiply Property Group, we are experts in Property Subdivision, and understand all the rules and processes. We take care of the entire project for you, and make the subdivision process as stress-free and efficient as possible.

When considering subdividing your own home, an investment property or parcel of land, it’s important to understand which specific type of subdivision is not only achievable, but is also most likely to deliver the best returns. There are three main types of subdivisions commonly executed in Perth and gathering all the relevant information that affects which one applies to your individual circumstances can be challenging.

When it comes to property development, time is money. The more quickly you’re able to move through the subdivision application and approval process, the sooner you can start realising financial returns. Not fully understanding the requirements of each type of subdivision, and subsequently incorrectly completing application paperwork, can result in costly delays in the property development process. Also, inadvertently applying for the wrong type of subdivision classification can have ramifications down the track if you intend to further develop the block.

Whether a subdivision is achievable for your property, and which type of subdivision applies, is primarily determined by Residential Design Codes, or R-Codes. R-Codes consist of a framework of planning regulations set out by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) which mandate optimal outcomes for residents in terms of residential designs, sustainability and livability. They are also designed to provide a specific and methodical pathway for assessment and compliance of proposed developments. Ensuring your subdivision application complies with R-Codes, and is accompanied by all the necessary supporting paperwork, will ensure your subdivision process runs as quickly and seamlessly as possible.


Ved Tiwari

Indeed THE BEST, and soothing experience, throughout.

Ved Tiwari

Joedy & Des Airoidi

We attended a Multiply Property Group seminar. It was very informative and interesting, these guys really know their stuff.

Joedy & Des Airoidi

Mark Thomas

I was very impressed with your prompt service and professionalism. Because of this I look forward to working with you guys on my next project, and I’ve been highly recommending your company to everyone that asks about my subdivision.

Mark Thomas


They take the leg work out of finding a property for you. Three words to describe them would be Friendly, hassle free and professional.


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