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Subdivision is the key to capitalising on Perth’s thriving property market. By turning one big block into two or more parcels of liveable land, you can diversify your property strategy and build a future-ready portfolio. Here’s how Multiply Property Group simplifies subdividing in Perth.

Perth’s subdivision specialists

Multiply Property Group is a boutique property specialist with 15+ years of experience and strong local networks. We make subdivisions easy, helping our clients maximise returns and achieve their investment goals.

Whether you’re subdividing to live, develop, or sell, we’ll help you build your future.

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The subdivision process

Subdividing land is a complex process. Navigating the legal, Government and regulatory requirements can make your head spin.

But you’re not alone. With tailored support from Multiply Property Group, you can cruise through the subdivision process and realise your investment goals faster.


We start by understanding your goals and assessing your property. A Licenced Surveyor will look over the lot while our subdivision team outlines the project requirements.

Project Management

Our team handles the paperwork, plans, contractors and construction, keeping you informed at all times. Your strategy guides our decisions. You’re in the driver’s seat.


When your subdivision is ready for final approval, we’ll work with WAPC, Landgate and the relevant utilities to make it happen.


Multiply Property Group is a full-service property team. We can help you sell or develop your new subdivision, keeping costs low and focusing on your investment goals.

Why should you subdivide?

Subdividing land is an excellent strategy for building wealth, reducing mortgage debt, or reinventing your lifestyle. Perth property owners might subdivide to raise capital, sell unused land, develop empty blocks, or downsize their living arrangements. Really, the reasons for subdivision come down to your individual circumstances. Our job is to guide your property journey so you can employ the most relevant strategies to achieve – and exceed – your goals.

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Types of subdivisions in WA

There are three types of subdivisions in Perth. When planning your property subdivision, it’s essential to consider which type applies. Understanding the requirements of each subdivision type means you can move through the process faster and start realising returns sooner.

Green Tile Subdivision

Also called Freehold lots, Green Title means the Title has no shared services or utilities. Green Title subdivisions are typically more attractive to Perth property buyers because they are independent from neighbours.
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Built Strata subdivision

When the building itself defines the property boundaries, we’re dealing with a Built Strata subdivision. Built Strata is typical in medium and high-density developments. Applying for approval is often more complex than other subdivision types, so an expert’s advice is essential.
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Survey Strata subdivision

Between Green Title and Built Strata are Survey Strata subdivisions. Here a block is subdivided to create two smaller lots that share services. Battle-axe blocks, duplexes and triplexes are all common forms of Survey Strata subdivisions in Perth.
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R-Codes explained

Residential codes, or R-Codes for short, are the zoning policies that determine whether you can subdivide a block. R-Codes mandate minimum block size per dwelling, boundary setbacks, open space requirements, and privacy considerations. R-Codes change by shire, suburb, and even street location. You can find out which R-Code applies to your property by visiting your shire’s website or asking Multiply Property Group’s subdivision experts.

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Our experience is your advantage

Tailored subdivision strategies

Our project managers invest in understanding which subdivision style suits your needs so we can tailor a strategy to meet your financial aspirations and situation. Your goals guide us throughout the process.

Professional and prepared

From the first meeting to the final sale (and beyond), we act proactively, keeping you informed and recommending the most suitable strategies. Our aim is to help you reach your goals faster and grow your portfolio.

Full-service property team

Multiply Property Group is a full-service boutique property agency. Our team of Buyer’s Agents, Licensed Surveyors, Property Managers, Conveyancers, Project Managers and subdivision specialists are at your disposal.

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Hear what our customers have to say about their experience

At Multiply Property Group, we understand that every person’s circumstances are different, so we will tailor a solution that will help you meet your goals.

Ved Tiwari

Indeed THE BEST, and soothing experience, throughout.

Ved Tiwari

Joedy & Des Airoidi

We attended a Multiply Property Group seminar. It was very informative and interesting, these guys really know their stuff.

Joedy & Des Airoidi

Mark Thomas

I was very impressed with your prompt service and professionalism. Because of this I look forward to working with you guys on my next project, and I’ve been highly recommending your company to everyone that asks about my subdivision.

Mark Thomas


They take the leg work out of finding a property for you. Three words to describe them would be Friendly, hassle free and professional.


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Subdivision FAQ’s

At Multiply Property Group, we understand that every person’s circumstances are different, so we will tailor a solution that will help you meet your goals.

Buyer’s agents (or buyers advocates) are licensed professionals that specialise in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of a property on behalf of the buyer.
Can I subdivide my block?
Whether you can subdivide depends largely on your land size and which R-Code applies. If you’re comfortable with R-Codes, you can start looking into this yourself. However, the complexities, considerations and variables are always complex. We encourage you to contact our subdivision team, who can help you determine whether or not subdivision is a viable option.
Does someone need to come out to my property to determine whether I can subdivide or not?
In most cases, we don’t need to visit your property to determine whether there’s a subdivision opportunity. With specialised mapping tools, we can undertake a preliminary assessment to start the feasibility process. We look at things like block measurements, topography, soil conditions, easements, service locations, zoning, setbacks and other factors to make an initial assessment.
If your property is particularly complex, or the land falls just short of the minimum requirements under your specific R-Codes, we might recommend a site inspection so our Licensed Surveyors can carry out a more in-depth assessment.
Where do I start?

A good starting point is assessing whether the applicable zoning (R-Code) requirements permit a subdivision. You can do this by checking with your local Council or contacting our team for help. For more information on how to start your subdivision journey, read our helpful guide here.

Keep in mind that there might be other factors to consider, such as Town Planning Schemes, which can complicate the process. Our subdivision experts can demystify these factors for you in a feasibility assessment.

How long does the subdivision process take?

Subdividing a block in Perth typically takes around nine to 12 months from start to finish. However, subdividing can take longer depending on the individual characteristics of your lot, especially where irregular shapes or small lots complicate the process. In addition to the standard subdivision application process, development approval might be required in these cases.

Can I organise my subdivision in stages?

We break the subdivision process into three stages at Multiply Property Group. First, we assess your property’s suitability for subdivision, presenting a design proposal and managing the initial applications.

After conditional approval comes through, we move into the physical works phase. Our Project Managers oversee service connections, demolition, site clearing, and other required works.

The third and final stage involves applying for final clearances and issuing the new Titles. Read more about the subdivision process here.

My suburb is being rezoned; when can I start the subdivision process?

You will need to wait until the West Australian Planning Commission has completed rezoning your suburb and the Council has gazetted (announced) the outcome before starting the subdivision process.

Will a subdivision disrupt my tenants, family, or neighbours?

If you are considering subdividing a tenanted property, it’s important to work closely with the occupants to minimise disruption and prepare them for any changes, such as boundary changes. If your property is vacant, but you are hoping to rent it out before or during the subdivision process, you will also need to inform prospective tenants so they can make an informed decision.

If you are living in the property you plan to subdivide, the only potentially disruptive phase is the “works stage”. This phase involves connecting services and utilities, redirecting sewer lines, and any required demolition or clearing. Multiply Property Group can work with you to manage the project around your schedule and alleviate the stress of site works.

How do I know which type of subdivision to apply for?

The right subdivision strategy depends on your block’s characteristics, the relevant R-Code, your budget, your development aspirations, and the timeframes in which you expect to see financial returns.

The three types of subdivisions commonly used in Western Australia are Green Title, Survey Strata and Built Strata Subdivisions. Each has unique characteristics and regulatory requirements. Before starting a subdivision application, make sure you are clear on the different types of subdivisions and which is best for your development plans. Read more about the different types of subdivisions here.

How much does it cost to subdivide?
  • A Duplex Subdivision with underground power usually ranges from $40,000 to $45,000
  • Triplex Subdivisions with underground power range between $50,000 and $55,000
  • A Quadraplex Subdivision with underground power will usually cost between $61,000 and $65,000
 * If you would like a detailed costing, please complete the contact form above.

Perth’s subdivision experts

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