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Licensed Land Surveyors in Perth

We have an experienced team of Land Surveyors in Perth, who can evaluate your property development project and determine whether your plans can go ahead. It is important that you have a reliable, licensed land surveyor, as they will create the survey which provides all the vital project information to the architects, drafts people, and landscapers. Our Licensed Land Surveyors will ensure your property development has all the necessary information to be a success. Multiply Property Group was established in 2006, with the aim of helping people build their wealth through property management and investments.

The Importance Of Property Surveys

A detailed property survey is an essential tool for accurately determining the cost of any development project. Without a professional survey, you will not know what works are required to prepare the site, or if there are any elements which could affect the development. Our licensed land surveyors in Perth will always conduct their survey prior to commissioning the design of a subdivision, renovation, or new construction. The survey will provide all the essential details needed by the architects, drafts people, and landscapers, so that they understand what the most suitable and cost-effective designs are for your land.

Integrated Surveying & Property Development Services

Here at Multiply Property Group, our Commercial and Residential Surveyors in Perth can take care of all your surveying needs. We offer our service on either a stand-alone basis, or as part of our comprehensive subdivision and property development packages. Our team specialise in investment properties, and we can use this knowledge to help our clients take advantage of various value-add strategies that optimise the financial returns generated by their properties. Our land surveyors in Perth work closely with our project managers to facilitate profitable, stress-free property development projects for clients.


Ved Tiwari

Indeed THE BEST, and soothing experience, throughout.

Ved Tiwari

Joedy & Des Airoidi

We attended a Multiply Property Group seminar. It was very informative and interesting, these guys really know their stuff.

Joedy & Des Airoidi

Mark Thomas

I was very impressed with your prompt service and professionalism. Because of this I look forward to working with you guys on my next project, and I’ve been highly recommending your company to everyone that asks about my subdivision.

Mark Thomas


They take the leg work out of finding a property for you. Three words to describe them would be Friendly, hassle free and professional.




With fifteen years of experience, Abel’s passion for pushing the boundaries of property development has proved to achieve outstanding results for his clients time and time again.

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