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How important is a buyer’s agent in a hot market?

Perth property buyers’ agents can help you stand out from the crowd

Perth’s property market has rebounded strongly over the last two years. For three consecutive quarters, the median sale price increased while the number of completed sales declined.

So, are we headed for a tight spot?


Looking ahead to Perth’s property market in 2023

Predictions for what to expect next year are mixed. However, it’s unlikely that Perth’s property market will experience a spectacular crash. For that to happen requires a lot of forced sellers with nobody looking to buy.

The more likely outcome, according to analysts, is a short, modest dip in house prices.

Even with interest rates predicted to rise, RBA modelling shows that most Aussie households will manage with only minor adjustments.

That could make for a very hot property market in 2023.

If you’re considering buying a house in Perth next year, it’s worth considering the benefits of engaging a buyer’s agent. Otherwise, you could miss out on your perfect property or risk overpaying in a competitive market.


5 reasons to work with a property buyer’s agent in Perth’s hot market


1. Find the best property

Buying a home is always an emotional as well as a financial investment. Working with a property buyer’s agent significantly improves the likelihood of securing your perfect home before someone else swoops in.

An experienced buyer’s agent has solid relationships with local real estate agents and deep knowledge of the Perth property market.

Separately, those are two useful attributes in a hot property market:

  • Relationships with real estate agents: Buyer’s agents often get access to properties before they reach the open market. With fewer listings and more competition, this exclusive access is a competitive advantage.
  • Market knowledge: A buyer’s agent will search for properties in suburbs that match your ideal profile. They know the up-and-coming areas and can guide you to a beneficial investment decision. 

Together, however, a buyer’s agent’s insight and experience put you head and shoulders above other buyers

We take time to understand your strategy and goals so that we can find the ideal property according to your criteria.


2. Buy at the best price

Too many buyers fall into the trap of overpaying for property in a hot market. It’s easy to do, especially when your heart is set on a home.

Perth buyer’s agents are professional, level-headed, and experienced. They constantly evaluate property prices and long-term trends to avoid making inflated offers.

At the same time, buyer’s agents are experienced negotiators. They act as your representative when dealing with seller’s agents, with a single focus on securing the best possible price.

The best offer isn’t always the highest. In our experience, it pays to understand the owner’s motivation to sell, as emotion plays a role in every property transaction.

For example, a seller might favour someone who wants to take care of their home over a higher bidder who intends to redevelop the block. As Perth’s buyer’s agents, it’s up to us to understand the entire situation and negotiate the best price.


3. Secure the best terms

Price and sale terms go hand in hand. Part of the negotiation process involves agreeing on sale terms that suit both the buyer and seller.

It’s not uncommon for our clients to secure their dream home at a lower price simply by being flexible on the sale terms.

For example, if an owner wants to sell fast, we might negotiate a lower cash offer to close the deal. You save money on your investment, and the seller gets their money sooner. Everyone walks away happy. 

Another increasingly common scenario is stretching out the sale process. It’s no secret that Perth is experiencing construction delays. It could be that a seller wants to draw up a contract for their current home but delay settlement until their new home is ready. 

As property buyer’s agents, it’s our role to represent your interests at the negotiating table. We’ll work hard on your behalf to secure the lowest possible price and the most favourable terms.


4. Have the best experience

It’s not every day that you buy a home. Property is a long-term investment, and you have likely spent years saving your hard-earned income.

The final stretch – finding and buying your home – should be the most exciting part of the journey. 

Working with a Perth property buyer’s agent removes the stress of searching, shortlisting, and inspecting properties. We’ll scour listings, identify off-market opportunities within our networks, and then present you with a shortlist of the most attractive options.

Then, when the time is right, a buyer’s agent makes it all happen quickly:

  • Due diligence
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Working with settlement agents
  • Contract negotiations
  • Title inquiries

A buyer’s agent saves you time, hassle, and money on one of the most important purchases you will ever make. In a hot market, those savings can turn a stressful experience into a dream.


5. Make the best investment

Whether you are buying a family home, investment property, or development opportunity, buying property is an investment in your future.

After securing your perfect property and settling the sale, we will sit with you to discuss the future. Our goal as buyer’s agents and property partners is to build wealth for our clients.

Whether that process is short and thrilling, or long-term and laid-back, depends on your goals. We may recommend value-adding strategies like:

  • Renovating
  • Rezoning
  • Subdividing
  • New construction
  • Refinancing

The advantage of working with Multiply Property Group is having all this expertise under one roof. More than one-off buyer’s agents, we are your long-term property partners, working hard to build your portfolio.


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In a hot market, our experience is your advantage.

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