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Will the Roe Highway Extension affect property prices?

The proposed Roe Highway extension doesn’t just affect environmentalists, it could have major implications for developments in the area, as well as heavily impacting the local property market.

The WAPC has taken the next step toward making the Roe 8 extension a reality by adding ‘Planning Control Areas’ along the soon to be major Highway’s proposed route. This puts a hold on ANY developments on affected land, but more importantly marks another step toward this major transit project starting.

Realistically few people are going to be negatively affected by the extension itself (the animal residents of Bibra Lake being the major exception to this rule), as most of the land for the next stages of the project has been kept aside for years now. Nevertheless the extension will be an important factor to consider when buying and selling property in and around the off-ramps and overpasses.

Increased access to the Freeway/North/North-Eastern Suburbs will mean potentially greater numbers of residents will be looking to live in the well serviced and leafy suburbs the area is known for, which will soon be far more easily accessible from the major employment and lifestyle hotspots. This includes quicker access for residents to the Beach and Fremantle through suburbs such as Hamilton Hill via Forrest/Rockingham rd, Hilton via Winterfold rd and South St and Spearwood via Phoenix rd and Spearwood Ave.

An increase in demand usually leads to an increase in property values, and with most of the homes in these suburbs on the old 728sqm blocks giving them subdivision potential, it’s never been a better time to look into developing your land, or acquiring a home/investment property in an area that has potential for the future. We are experts in the area and specialise in helping you acquire properties with subdivision potential, as well as project managing the whole subdivision for you. For information on subdividing in WA or buying an investment property feel free to give us a call on 9418 7529

Here’s the Gazetted Declaration of Planning Control Area 120:

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