What is it like to use Multiply’s Buyer’s Agency and Subdivision Services

What is it like to use Multiply’s Buyer’s Agency and Subdivision Services?

Elaine talks about her experience using Subpro’s Buyer’s Agency and Subdivision Project Management services.

How did you find out about Subpro?
“I was first introduced to Subpro by a friend of mine who has properties being developed with you guys. So my husband and I were looking for different avenues with investments, we had a couple of properties ourselves, but that was really more a sort of hold wait, and wait for growth approach and we wanted to take a different approach with our next property. So we wanted to do this subdivision approach so faster return on the investments.”

What services did you use and why?
“Subpro have assisted us right from the purchasing service all the way through the Subdivision. My husband and I work full time, we don’t have the time or the expertise to get down to that Subdivision level. Also we couldn’t find, it was very difficult to find properties, so Subpro found the property, gone through the whole process said subdivision, and have made the whole experience much smoother and we’ve not had to deal with a lot of the difficulties, Subpro have dealt with those on our behalf which has been really reassuring.”

How has your experience using Subpro’s Services been?
“My experience with Subpro has been a very good one, they have always been extremely professional, so when we first met with I really have approved of their approach with regards to taking us through some property options, some experiences that other people have had, seeing the testimonial sort of helped as well. So it gave us a level of confidence that they knew what they were doing and that has been the case. The costing that they had come out with have turned out to be extremely accurate and I’m very happy with the progress so far.”

What are three words you would use to describe Subpro?
“Subpro is professional, very professional, they are reassuring and reliable expertise. I know that’s four!”

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