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The Effect of Demolition of Strata Rights in Western Australia on Property Owners

In 2018, the Parliament of Western Australia announced amendments to the strata rights of property owners. These amendments have arrived as a breath of fresh air for those living in strata properties and the buyers agencies in Perth. Why? The demolition of strata rights has made it easier for strata companies to improve common property areas. Find out how below!


Earlier, the path to alter or improve the strata property areas was quite difficult often leading to ugly conflicts. This was because not all owners liked to contribute and own something that others want. For instance, Raphael and Jack are neighbours. Raphael and the rest of the inhabitants want to install solar panels on the common roof but Jack does not want to do so. The refusal of one owner cancelled the possibility of adding an improvement that others liked. Such differences in preferences made strata living the last choice among people living in Perth as it hindered their freedom.

However, things changed for the better due to the new laws. Now, a unanimous resolution concerning adding something new to the common property from every owner is no longer required. Instead, a resolution passed by the majority is enough to introduce the required change. For more details, get in touch with a buyers agent in Perth.


In the past, strata companies had no responsibility for considering and introducing new additions to the areas under their control. They were duty-bound only for repairs and maintenance work. That is why minimal efforts were taken to beautify or modernise the old blocks. The demolition of strata rights now empowers strata companies to alter common properties in line with the needs of the present generation through a majority vote.


As mentioned earlier, an ordinary resolution that is a majority vote has replaced the earlier rule of obtaining approval from every owner. Things have eased up for those living in townhouses and villas as well. They can also update their common property areas such as driveways, gardens, and parking areas through a majority vote.

According to the new rules, even a formal meeting is not required to pass a resolution. All strata companies need to do is give a notice to all the owners asking for their approval for any improvement they are considering. The company can go ahead with the plan unless a quarter of the total owners submit their disapproval in writing within 14 days of receiving the notice.

Overall, the new strata laws have given the much-needed freedom to property owners and strata companies in Western Australian regions like Perth. Now, it has become easier for owners to create their dream spaces both individually and in groups. Also, the removal of schemes that earlier tied the hands of strata companies has helped a lot in modernising and building unique breakthrough spaces in common areas.

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