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Not Enough Land to Subdivide?

Not enough land to subdivide?

You may have to get creative!

Natalie Jardim takes you through how she managed to fit three lots on a property that only had enough land for two. This was by clever use of the R-Code and Planning exceptions. First she staged the subdivision; meaning they completed one subdivision, and after receiving titles they were able to subdivide one of the new lots again. The other exemption she took advantage of was the one bedroom variance, which gives you a 33% reduction on the land required to subdivide if you are building a one bedroom dwelling on the new lot.

For more details watch the video below:

“Hi, so today we wanted to show you what a one bedder scenario looks like. We’ve have had quite a number of people ask us how you can apply the one bedroom variance on to your block to make is a viable option. Really wanted to give you a live example of what the one bedder looks like and how you can carve up your blocks, but I also wanted to show the livability of these one bedders, Most of them having to comply with the 70sqm internal space so I just wanted to show you how actually spacious that can be.

So as you can see this is 70sqm of internal space. We have a family lounge area, big size kitchen, meals area and large master bedroom. Also you may notice that it does have raised ceilings, and the reason we did this was to give it a sense of height and that obviously gives the illusion of more space as well. It’s quite a functioning space which is why we believe these types of dwellings, with their own courtyard/alfresco area as well as front yard, are going to be more popular than your typical apartment. Especially for a first home buyer, or even a retiree looking to downsize. It provides all the functions of and the security of a privately owned home, just on a smaller scale.”

The Original Lot

The center lot is the one bedroom dwelling, to the right is the original dwelling, which was retained, and to the left it the full size new lot, which was subdivided first.

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