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New Wanneroo Zoning Explained

Following extensive detailed planning and community engagement, the City of Wanneroo prepared a Scheme Amendment (Amendment No. 119) to increase the residential density of housing precincts in the suburbs of Wanneroo and Girrawheen-Koondoola. The Amendment proposes to recode these areas from R20 to R20/R40 and R20/R60 and introduces provisions to the City’s District Planning Scheme No. 2 to guide subdivision and development at the higher density code (please note that the Girrawheen-Koondoola housing precinct also includes small parts of the southern area of Marangaroo and Alexander Heights).

On the 19 April 2016, the City received formal notification that the Minister for Planning issued final approval to Amendment No. 119 on the 12 April 2016, and it was published in the Government Gazette on the 29 April 2016.

What does this mean for you?

The City will now consider subdivision applications under the new zonings subject to the split residential coding criteria which are:

4.5.4 Split Density Code—Development

Where a split residential density code is depicted on the Scheme Maps, any development shall conform to the lower density code applicable to the lot, unless the Council determines that development up to the higher density code would comply with the following requirements-

(a) Sufficient capacity exists in all necessary public utility services to adequately meet the needs of the development;
(b) The development has one consolidated vehicular access point with reciprocal access rights to serve all dwellings, and restricted vehicular access to other areas of road frontage;

4.5.5 Split Density Code—Subdivision

(a) Subdivision of land with a split residential density code should not result in the need for additional crossovers to those already available to the development site.
(b) In respect of applications for subdivision of land with a split residential density code, Council should recommend that-

i. A right of carriageway easement is established between the lots created to ensure that development has one consolidated vehicle access point; and
ii. A restrictive covenant is placed on the certificate(s) of title preventing vehicle access from the remainder of the lot(s).

4.5.6 For land with a split residential density code directly abutting Wanneroo Road or Mirrabooka Avenue, a Noise Management Plan shall be provided along with any subdivision application, or development application proposing grouped dwellings. The Noise Management Plan shall address the potential for road transport noise and recommend noise mitigation measures where appropriate.

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