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Subdivision FAQs

Subdivision FAQs Can I subdivide my block? Whether or not you can subdivide will largely depend on the size of your land and which R-Code zone applies to your address. For more information, read our guide on how to determine if your block is eligible for subdivision here. Whilst you can certainly conduct some initial research… Continue reading Subdivision FAQs

Subdivision Feasibility Report

Subdivision Feasibility Report Subdivision can be a great strategy for raising capital or paying down a mortgage on your primary residence. It can also be a very profitable approach for on-selling land. If you’re considering the possibility of subdividing but are not sure what sort of costs, timeframes or likely returns are involved, Multiply Property… Continue reading Subdivision Feasibility Report

Subdivision Costs Guidelines

Subdivision Costs Guidelines The costs involved with subdividing vary depending on many factors, such as how many new titles you are aiming to establish, the size and contour of the land, the level of demolition and site clearing required and the individual R-codes relevant to your property. The following provides an estimate of approximately what… Continue reading Subdivision Costs Guidelines

The Subdivision Process

The Subdivision Process At Multiply Property Group, we work with a diverse range of clients including home owners with no subdivision or property development experience through to investors looking to optimise the returns delivered by their property purchases. We take the time to thoroughly explain what’s involved at the outset, maintaining complete transparency of the… Continue reading The Subdivision Process

Can I Subdivide?

CAN I SUBDIVIDE? Before even starting to consider the costs, timeframes and likely returns involved with subdividing, it’s worth doing a little research to first assess whether your block is eligible for subdivision. This will depend largely on whether your land is deemed large enough to subdivide under the R-Codes and zoning regulations that apply… Continue reading Can I Subdivide?

Green Title Subdivision

What is a Green Title Subdivision? A Green Title Lot, also known as a Freehold Lot, refers to a title that has no common areas or shared services. That is, the landholder owns the lot in its entirety and does not share utility services, such as sewerage, power, water and gas lines, with any other… Continue reading Green Title Subdivision


Licensed Land Surveyors in Perth    We have an experienced team of Land Surveyors in Perth, who can evaluate your property development project and determine whether your plans can go ahead. It is important that you have a reliable, licensed land surveyor, as they will create the survey which provides all the vital project information… Continue reading Surveying

Buyers Agency

Your Reliable Buyers Agent in Perth   The Benefits of Our Property Buyers Agent in Perth Our boutique buyers agency consists of an expert team of Buyers Agent in Perth and successful property investors. We specialise in finding clients investment properties that cater to their specific situation and long-term property goals. Our Property Buyers Advocates… Continue reading Buyers Agency

Property Management

Assistance With Property Management in Perth   Experienced Property Managers in Perth At Multiply Property Group, we understand that when it comes to property investments, securing assets is not the whole story. We believe that a well-considered investment strategy can only create wealth when it is coupled with diligent day-to-day management. This means that if… Continue reading Property Management